DISHOOM X CARROM POOL is a loyalty proposition for Indian restaurant Dishoom.
Carrom Pool is a game which originates from the same time period as the founding of Irani Cafés. Dishoom pays homage to these Irani cafés as they were once part of the fabric of life in Bombay, and brought all types of people and communities together.
By encouraging this get-together in Irani cafés, the concept of Carrom Pool has been fused with Dishoom, allowing customers to play the game within an app, in exchange for free meals.
YNC Projects- Dishoom

Create a new loyalty proposition for Indian restaurant ‘Dishoom’, to encourage and reward repeat visitors. Branch locations are London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.
Creative Services-
Digital Design
UX Design

Previous loyalty schemes by Dishoom typically include some form of physical aspect to intrigue their customers; which has been considered for this new loyalty proposition. 
A table version of Carrom Pool has been designed to act as a 'taster' of the game, which is intended to be played while diners are waiting for their meals.
As Dishoom have a re-occuring theme of the use of silver coins within their loyalty schemes, the ‘counters’ used within this game will be the customers own coins consisting of 5ps, 10ps and 50ps.
This 'mini-table' version of the game also doubles up as a standing promotion to encourage customers to download the app.
The app allows customers to join the Dishoom loyalty scheme by playing the Carrom pool game live against other Dishoom branches. This is achieved by earning a certain amount of points based on number of visits in order to exchange for tokens to play the game.
Users may play for starters, main courses or desserts. A leaderboard from all Dishoom branches can also be viewed so that users can experience the togetherness, yet competitiveness. The idea of bringing the Dishoom community together this way, highlights the homage paid to Irani cafés, a concept that Dishoom stand by.