'Let Me Try Again', is a storytelling zine featuring extracted text by migrant writer, Javier Zamora. The zine shares the voice of Zamora detailing the difficult journey he embarks in successfully migrating from El Salvador to the U.S alone, at the age of nine.
This extract amplifies the struggles Zamora faces based on one of his unsuccessful attempts in crossing the border, and also exhibits the racism he faces when successfully arriving in the U.S.
Themes of home and displacement are explored within this short story, an issue faced by not only Zamora, but by many migrants as of today.
Migrant Voices, Olympias Music Foundation-
'Let Me Try Again' by Javier Zamora

Interrogate a social cause and augment into a storytelling response.
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The final zine is published in A5 which also features a gatefold page to emphasise the journey Zamora takes. Elements of the colour blue have been incorporated to highlight important text, as well as to represent Zamora himself.
Blue is not only used to symbolise the El Salvador flag, but is also often used as a colour associated with freedom; which could be deemed ironic.
Though this activist-based zine shares the voice of Zamora, it also commemorates many migrants of both today and the past, as this part of his story would resonate with many.