'Nostopia' is a hypothetical conceptualisation of a service which allows consumers to visit a nostalgic memory, via simulation; inspired by Nostalgia therapy. Nostalgia therapy is a reminiscence therapy tool, typically practiced on patients suffering with memory loss.
Though influenced by Nostalgia therapy, the audience for Nostopia is not for those suffering from memory loss. Nostopia is sold to the consumer in a disguised manner, as an "exciting trip down memory lane", though the reality of the service communicates the dark side of nostalgia, about how it can be traumatic and harmful.
Synthesis Project-
'Nostopia'- Travel To Your Memories Today.

Create brand identity for an inconspicuous service.
Incorporate hidden meaning within an outcome.
Creative Services–– 
Packaging Design
Brand Identity
Print Design
Web Design
Once the consumer has purchased a ticket to use the Nostopia service, personalised merchandise is available for the consumer. This features a cassette tape, a choice of poster, a personalised ticket and a terms and conditions leaflet (disguised as a personalised poster), all placed inside a screen printed bag featuring the Nostopia logo.