Sensory stimuli is a contributing factor in triggering nostalgia.
As the overall brand identity of Nostopia is personalised to every consumer, Nostopia offers personalised audio tapes to enhance the users experience of the service. Consumers are able to upload any memorable audios, as well as an image to generate a personalised cassette cover via the Nostopia website.
Nostopia has collaborated with Sony to advertise both the personalised cassette tapes as well as The Sony Walkman; an iconic cassette player that revolutionised the way we listen to music.
Exercising the use of 'Nostalgia Marketing', the poster advert has been designed with inspiration from original Walkman adverts. This marketing approach is a tactic used to associate a company with something a consumer is already familiar with, and has fond memories of. Designing the advert this way was an appropriate approach, as the concept of Nostopia is to encourage the consumer to use the service in order to visit their past memory.