'Ulysses At 100: A Classic Too Sexy For Censors ;)', is an illustrative excerpt celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publication of James Joyce's novel, 'Ulysses'. The excerpt focuses on the main character, Bloom, and his fight against his lustful thoughts within Episode 11, 'Sirens'.
The novel was originally banned before approval of official publication, due to short series being released to the public from the years of 1918-1920; by a magazine company known as 'The Little Review'. A trial was held, and the two editors were fined for publishing obscenity. The novel was believed to cause readers to harbour "impure and lustful thoughts".
Message, Audience And Context-
'Ulysses' by James Joyce

Re-release a section of James Joyce's novel ‘Ulysses’, for a 21st century audience.
Employ creative skills to develop a visual narrative with elements of context.
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The excerpt imitates a diary entry written by Bloom, featuring elements of reflective materials to communicate the first-person dialogue. A risograph-printed brochure is also included to inform the audience about the challenges which occurred before the official publication of 'Ulysses'.
The majority of the 21st Century audience would find it absurd that this novel was once condemned as 'obscene', which is why this excerpt specifically narrates Bloom's lust.
The final 40 page excerpt stands at 4x6 inches, the standard photo-card size; as this excerpt focuses on specific captured moments of Episode 11, 'Sirens'.