Illustrative postcard designs have been created for Umberto Eco's 'Kant and the Platypus', depicting the fictional town of 'Vanville' situated in Italy during the years 1951, 1997, and 2043. As the novel progresses, it is known by the descriptive text that the town heavily changes throughout the years; communicated within the illustrative postcard designs. 
Graphic Behaviours-
'Kant and the Platypus: Essays on Language and Cognition' by Umberto Eco

Design a piece of merchandise for Umberto Eco’s novel, ‘Kant and the Platypus’. Embody the matter of tourism within an outcome.
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Print Design
Vanville 1951 Postcard-
Inspired by 1950s travel postcards, this design commomorates collectable vintage postcards. Imagery of Italian culture has been placed within the type as this was the standard style for postcards produced in the 50’s. Vanville is known to be graceful and welcoming during this decade, making this style appropriate for a “picturesque" approach.
Vanville 1997 Postcard-
The scenery of this postcard has homed into the buildings illustrated within the Vanville 1951 Postcard design. The most significant change within this decade is the impact of the new red light district within the town. The town is still known to be somewhat welcoming, however, the impacts of the change has began to make the atmosphere less graceful.
Vanville 2043 Postcard-
After 1997, Vanville is suggested to .. however, ultimately suffers from failed gentrification. This design illustrates the main highlight of what is left of the now disrupted Vanville; a few modern houses situated within a less populated and unwelcoming town. The greyed atmosphere showcases the spoilt nature of the once welcoming town.

The postcards stand at 4x6in printed on 350gsm paper weight.