Illustrative postcard designs have been created for Umberto Eco's 'Kant and the Platypus', depicting the fictional town of 'Vanville' situated in Italy during the years 1951, 1997, and 2043. As the novel progresses, it is known by the descriptive text that the town heavily changes throughout the years; communicated within the illustrative postcard designs. 
Graphic Behaviours-
'Kant and the Platypus: Essays on Language and Cognition' by Umberto Eco

Design a piece of merchandise for Umberto Eco’s novel, ‘Kant and the Platypus’. Embody the matter of tourism within an outcome.
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Digital Design
Print Design
Vanville 1951 Postcard
Vanville 1997 Postcard
Vanville 2043 Postcard

The postcards stand at 4x6in printed on 350gsm paper weight.